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The new SMARTLANE speed gate is built on the fundamentals that have made its predecessor so successful over the years. The iconic and easily recognisable style of the SmartLane optical turnstile has been updated to meet the latest architectural trends. The high performance and robustness that are part of the SmartLane’s DNA have naturally been retained and improved.

Thanks to DIRAS™ (Automatic Systems Infrared Detection) technology and its predictive algorithms, the SmartLane speed lane offers the best-in-class detection level currently on the market. The lower cells also provide better detection with greater gate reactiveness. The SmartLane turnstile is also the best-in-class for safety, with features including entrapment safety protection via a curtain of cross cells and extra detection on the high glass doors; coupled by low level cells for child and trolley detection.

SmartLane is available in multiple finishes and configurations including “with or without” extensions and “open or closed”, allowing the integration of all types of identification systems. Several finish options are available including stainless steel, painted stainless steel, bronze or gold finish, all designed to cater for different architectural design trends.


The SlimLane speed gate is designed to secure access to your building and control the flow of pedestrian traffic, as well as offer an elegant design and high reliability. With its fast swing obstacles, SlimLane turnstile combines a high bidirectional flow of passage with high levels of security, without compromising user safety. Its exclusive DIRAS® detection system allows precise control of users for maximum protection and safety. In addition, its modularity allows a wide range of configurations, obstacle heights and passage widths.


The FirstLane swing door speed gate offers unbeatable value for money whilst ensuring safety and quality have not been compromised. Thanks to its black painted steel housing, combined with the elegance of glass, FirstLane speed gate meets stylish and architectural trends. FirstLane provides a high bi-directional flow and safety without compromise. Its exclusive DIRAS detection system ensures precise user tracking for maximum safety and security. Even more intuitive and easy to use thanks to the new dynamic LED lighting, FirstLane combines high throughput with state-of-the-art detection.

Main benefits:

  • Automation of pedestrian access control
  • Restricts access to secured zones
  • Low cost of ownership
  • Employee and visitor Entry/Exit tracking
  • Reduced need for manned entrance
  • Easy to install
  • Low energy consumption for a low carbon footprint