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Guard Tour Management

Security guard and plant protection

Comprehensive recording of mobile and stationary security services

dataLog is the market leading proof-of-visit and patrol verification system, that records the presence and location of security, cleaning and maintenance personnel at given locations and times. dataLog systems allow better use of staff, improves efficiency, and provide accurate and fast audit information on work carried out. Most importantly they highlight any checks that were missed, so that appropriate action can be taken.

The main components to a dataLog proof-of-visit system are a handheld data collector, location checkpoints and management software. Checkpoints are fixed to locations to be visited, and the worker carries a robust handheld data collector which they use to read the checkpoint when it is visited. The checkpoints identification number and time of the visit is recorded by the data collector.

dataLog systems are ideal to determine the location of security guards and other workers where security, safety, servicing or cleaning checks need to be done. deister dataLog systems are used globally for manned guarding operations and many other applications where a mobile worker’s attendance at a given location needs to be verified.

  • 100% maintenance free – Checkpoints are maintenance free, they do not contain batteries or hard wiring. The RFID proximity checkpoints are suitable for use internally or externally in all weather conditions.
  • Easy to use – Checkpoints are easy to read, simply hold the data collector close to the checkpoint, that’s it. No buttons to press or apps to open.
  • Long battery life – Best in class operational time with the guardiX II being able to read up to 500,000 checkpoints from a pair of AA batteries. With no recharging necessary the collector is always ready to use.
  • Connected systems – dataLog works with other deister systems to allow events to be combined within common reports across different systems.
  • Robust & reliable – The guardiX II is IP67 classified and has no buttons, switches or other external moving parts that could be prone to failure.
  • Backwards compatible – guardiX II data collectors are backwards compatible with all deister RFID Checkpoints that have been supplied for many years.