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iDLink Systems is an authorized reseller for Aiphone, one of the most reliable brand of security communication systems. Established in 1948, Aiphone has become the most respected and reliable brand of communication systems in the world. Every system is of painstaking attention to detail, offering the finest quality and technology you can trust. Through integration and a feature-rich product offering, Aiphone can tailor systems to even the most unique demands, small or large.


iDLink Systems is an authorized reseller for Commax, a global leader delivering optimized total solutions to customers and sites across 120 countries worldwide, creating safety and value of life by means of image telecommunication technologies and security technologies accumulated for 54 years. COMMAX is creating value and safety of life any customers deserve to enjoy, while leading global market with advanced technical power and differentiated products spanning from interphone, video phone, smart home system to security solutions.



iDLink Systems is an authorized partner of Hikvision, a Global Leader manufacturing of IoT security system with focus on video analytics surveillance. Founded since 2001 in China with more than USD $12.62B in revenue for 2021 and 52,000 employees worldwide.


iDLink Systems is an authorized reseller for Kocom. Establishment in 1976, Kocom has been growing as a global leader in the digital area by developing a variety of solutions applied to housing, building and commercial areas based on the digital video technology and network technology. Kocom have been manufacturing high-tech products essential for implementing more convenient and secure digital home such as home security system focusing on smart home, video phone, etc.

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