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Fingerprint Biometric Door Access System

Physical access control using mechanical keys is the simplest type and is used by many smaller organisations. However, employing mechanical keys has a number of drawbacks and limits, especially as an organisation grows. You may get far more control and eliminate the drawbacks of utilising mechanical keys by using a biometric system in Singapore. With this, only those who are registered in the door access system can get past the biometric door lock, such as the fingerprint access system. Here are some of its benefits:
  • You can provide staff automatic access by registering them to the biometric network. Meanwhile, you may have your guests and contractors check in at the front desk when they arrive.
  • Biometric access control can be used to enhance the security systems of a building or facility by adding an extra layer of verification. With a fingerprint access system, you will be able to restrict unauthorised entries.
  • You can schedule the time when the biometric door access system will be disabled just like in case of fire

What You Need to Know About Biometric Access System


What is fingerprint access control system?

Fingerprint access control system is one of the most popular forms of biometrics identification for door access control systems today. Fingerprint access system scans a person’s fingerprint and matches his or her biometric data with what is previously stored in the database. If the information matches, the individual can access the secured area or resources.

Is fingerprint access secure?

Fingerprint access system is secure because fingerprints are nearly impossible to duplicate, and they cannot be lost or stolen like physical keys.

How much is biometric access control system?

Biometric access control system is one of the most popular types of security systems on the market. It combines security and convenience in a way that no other access control system can. The price will vary depending on the features and functionality. For example, fingerprint access systems will cost on the lower end of that range.