CCTV System Installation Tips


When it comes to the overall safety and security of your business, video surveillance and security cameras are a must. There are different image resolutions and integration capabilities in security camera CCTV systems. To install CCTV System effectively, do check for spots where cameras get a clear view and stable power source. Avoid placing them at the corners of your buildings as there are blind-spots and will limit your cameras’ views.

Ensure that the area under surveillance has consistent and sufficient lighting for the camera to be able to pick up identifying details. Use a night-vision capable CCTV camera if there are inadequate lightings. We would recommend fixed, wide-angle cameras set in strategic locations to view a large area and install wired security cameras. Install wireless camera system as a commercial grade of this variety can be rather expensive, less stable and also easier to hack than a wired camera system.

If you are using an Internet of Things connected camera system, you must be sure to secure it from outside hacking. Change your factory-set, default passwords and employ security feature in your system. Decide the location to install indoor and outdoor security cameras are important. Knowing where to place your home security cameras determines whether you can maximize the effectiveness of your camera. Front door, back door and off-street window are the best locations.

We will recommend installing outdoor only using outdoor surveillance cameras. Do not place indoor cameras outside. Otherwise, your camera might be exposed to moisture and other factors for which it was not designed and end up resulting in problems with moisture, condensation, etc. and the resulting reduced image quality or no image.

Consider video management, retrieval and storage. Consider whether the data should store in hard-drive storage or to cloud storage and if you have enough space to hold all the data. Also, in the event if there is a burglary or incident happened, how do you retrieve the data.

As a professional security camera installer, we will hide the cable in conduit, protecting it and making it more difficult to access. If you leave easily reached cables exposed, they can easily be disconnected. Look for professional advice or services when it comes to installing a CCTV system for your home and your business. Hire only a professional, reputable security camera installer like us. Do not go for cheap when looking to hire an installer. Go for expertise and established company.

In conclusion, with above tips on how to install a CCTV will enable you make the best choice when doing your important measure when improving the security of your home or business.