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5 Best Places In A Business To Install CCTV Systems

5 Best Places in a Business to Install CCTV Systems


Workplace safety and security is of utmost importance as it ensures that employees are well protected and company interests are safeguarded. In order to maintain a high level of security, one of the most important safety measures businesses should take is to install CCTV camera systems– a network of video cameras and display devices that allow you to surveillance a location(s). They are designed to secure spaces, and prevent and detect crime. 

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But in order for the CCTV systems to effectively deter crime and capture criminal activity when it happens, they have to be situated in the right places. In this article, we share more about the best spots in a business to install CCTV systems

1. Exits and Entrances

CCTV systems should be installed at all entry and exit points of a business to track the coming and going of people. It is also important to have a clear view of the area surrounding the premises for the safety of the company and employees. When installing the CCTV camera system, ensure that they are pointed away from any direct light source to prevent glare or darkened imagery. 

The reception area, if any, should also be covered by CCTV as it is also an area that sees the most traffic. It can even prevent receptionists from issuing visitor passes to unauthorised persons, and deter employees from committing other crimes such as theft. 

2. Point of Sale

Point of Sale-CCTV Systems Singapore

The point of sale is also a crucial space to watch as it is where all transactions happen and cash is stored. Not only are these areas at high risk of theft, employees may also make mistakes during a sale, become a target of abuse, or even act inappropriately towards a customer. CCTV systems should be installed at the point of sale to capture these events. Apart from guarding against any bad behaviour, they contribute to a better shopping experience for customers. Footage can then be reviewed to help improve operations and prevent employees from providing poor service.

3. Secluded Areas

Criminal activity typically occurs in secluded spaces because these spots are less frequented by people, thus making it harder for offenders to get caught. In order to prevent crime from happening or to capture any activity in these areas, it is important to install CCTV systems there.

4. Warehouse/Stockroom 

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Numerous sensitive documents, equipment, supplies and/or goods that can be stolen or damaged are stored in storerooms or warehouses. While CCTV camera systems installed at the entrances and exits can track who is entering and leaving the area, it may not be sufficient. Having CCTV inside the stockroom lets companies monitor activities within the enclosed area to prevent any foul play. 

5. Server Room

Server rooms serve as a company’s data centre, operating all computer servers and other associated components, as well as containing all essential business data. If compromised, they can cause irreparable damage to the business. Therefore, all server rooms must be heavily guarded, monitored with CCTV systems, and even fitted with access control systems to restrict access to a few key personnel. 

Server Room-CCTV Systems Singapore

CCTV systems are extremely helpful, and they must be installed in the right spots and positioned in the correct angles to serve their purpose. If you are looking for CCTV systems, then you are in the right place. iDLink Systems offers cutting-edge biometric identification products and security solutions to companies in Singapore and across the globe. Get in touch with us to find out how we can help keep your business secure.