The Benefits Of Installing Biometric Access Systems


Biometric access control has grown in popularity over the years. Biometric attendance system with door access control can be based on face, iris, vascular pattern or fingerprints. Below are some of the key benefits for installing biometric access systems.

Biometric Access Systems provide high security and assurance to prevent unwanted visitors from entering your premises. Using passwords to grant access is more time-consuming and riskier as the passwords can be leaked easily. Card-based access control systems also less secure as the card can get lost or stolen.

The biometric security system is based on biological passwords which cannot be forged easily. Person without authorised entry will not have access to the premises. This not only gives employees a sense of security and solve the company’s security issues.

A biometrics system can do the work of multiple security employees. Companies can save cost since there is less need for assigning dedicated security staff to access points.

Biometric authentication is non-transferrable. The only way to utilize most biometric authentication systems is through a physical application. Biometric Access System are user friendly and simple to operate. User also do not need to worry about forgetting the password. Efficiency is increased.

Biometric Door Access System can help HR personnel track their employees record and calculate part-timers working hours or staff overtime working hours. Biometric systems like fingerprint access control and time attendance system generate accurate data. Data provided by biometrics can be used in audits to track the productivity in the company.

Access control and time attendance management system can provide ease and accuracy for payroll process. Manually attendance tracking and payroll was time-consuming and prompt to errors.

Biometrics are difficult to duplicate. Most modern biometric security systems use liveliness checks to protect against spoofing attempts. If you have a large number of employees, having a key can a problem if anyone of them lose the key. There are no replacement costs for Biometrics. The world of biometrics is developing quickly and it will become more prevalent than traditional security in the next few years.