An intercom system for business is a communication device that allows two people to speak with each other. Intercom systems have been a part of offices for decades.

Wireless Intercom System For Business 

- Wireless intercom systems are much less expensive and easier to install than a wired system. 

- Communication can be easily eavesdropped on when another device is tuned in to the same frequency.

- Long-range connections aren’t as reliable with a wireless system and finding a sustainable power supply is not always easy either. 


Wired Intercom System 

- Any system that needs cabling and wires to function is going to be harder to install, repair, and maintain.

- Higher labor cost for installment will be involved. 

- Hard-wired intercom systems are definitely your choice for dependable security



Office Intercom for internal use 

Internal use intercom systems are designed to make it easy to communicate instantly with your fellow employees in your office.


Phone systems can get the job done but intercom systems offer a different way to communicate that is quick and reliable.


A building access system with door release 

When using a building access system with a door release, tenants enter their access code, key code, PIN, or another form of identification.


If their credentials match up with what’s in the system, access is granted and the door unlocks. Visitors are also able to request access to entry. Once properly verified, the staff or security can have the door opened for them. 


Commercial video intercom systems 


A video intercom system allows tenants to video chat with visitors and guests before giving them access to your building.


These systems are used more often today than your standard overhead intercom system because smartphones and email make internal communication so simple. Your commercial video intercom system will offer one-way or two-way video.

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