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Easy and reliable identification with RFID

No matter if in health services, facilities with public access, public authorities or in industry, the task of protecting people is of the utmost importance, with intelligent technology required to protect areas subject to inherent risks. That also includes protecting personnel working in environments with a high potential for aggression such as in employment centres and social security offices or those employed in so-called “lone worker” positions. Based on the latest developments in wireless data transmission, amanTag systems from deister electronic are utilised in environments such as these. With amanTag it is possible to control and limit the freedom of movement of people within a building on the one hand, and localise and protect the people inside the building on the other. The system consists of active transponders and reader devices, called Locators. The active transponder carried by a person is detected by the Locator within range. Locators are not only able to detect transponders, they are also able to control doors and alarms, for example, to close off or allow access to and from different areas.

The management software is tailored to the respective applications. It offers intuitive, user-friendly operation and is equipped with interfaces to connect to other communication and information systems.