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The Tripod Turnstile

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We provide a wide range of turnstiles, which incorporates optical turnstiles, speedgates, barrier arm turnstiles, passgates, tripods and tailgate detection devices designed to balance the needs of aesthetics, security, ease of use and flow rates demanded by today's modern entrance environment.Our biometric device and facial recognition device, together with our Turnstiles perfectly matches the BCA requirements.

The tripod are most popular and most widely use for access control to stadiums, factories, banks, dormitories or in public transit sites where access is controlled and one person entry is preferred.

The tripod are usually at lock during normal operation. Upon valid signal the tripod arm is unlock. The arm will locks back after complete arm rotation or Time-out preset by the controller.

The mechanical drive design allow the arm to push through effortlessly without any expensive electric motor. An electro-mechanical device acts as a positive lock mechanism to prevent double entry at the same time. A self centering and anti-action mechanisms are also incorporated to ensure complete rotation and prevent reverse rotation respectively. In addition, a spring damper is added to ensure smooth operation.


  • Cost-effective entrance management solution with high reliability
  • Rustproof and durable mechanical equipment
  • Semi-automatic control arm

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