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The PNG 380 security entrance lane ensures rapid, efficient and safe dissuasive access control of pedestrians in both directions of passage. Its particularly elaborate design makes it easily adaptable to any type of architectural environment. 

All materials used have been carefully selected for their resistance, endurance and safety qualities, the fruit of Automatic Systems’ engineering experience accumulated over many years. 

The PNG 380 gate consists of three main elements: a central element integrating the principal functions of physical access control, and two end sections that form the walkway and integrate the access control system selected (badge reader, for example). 

Precautions for use 

- For security reasons, children (user smaller than 1 m tall) must be supervised by an adult at all times when in the vicinity of the unit and during passage through the lane  - A child must absolutely precede the accompanying adult when lane passage is required  - If habitual use by children is anticipated, Automatic Systems recommends the addition of all options required to optimize the level of protection


1. High-rigidity self-supporting frame: integrates an electromechanical drive for each movable obstacle, presence detection, safety sensors and electronic control units.
2. Painted steel panels: standard colour: RAL 7016, Anthracite grey. Other colours optional. These hinged panels can be opened to an angle of 90° to allow easy access to the electromechanical drive and to the electronic control      units. Each of these panels is closed by two security locks.
3. Front and rear end sections: made of AISI 304L stainless steel sheet, brushed finish. These end sections integrate the users’ passage control system (badge reader, ticket scanner, etc.) in one or both directions.
4. Retractable glass obstacles:12 mm thick, clear safety glass sliding into the housing for each opening movement. Standard height from floor: 1000 mm. 
5. Security sensors: ensure users’ control and directional detection.
6. Safety sensor: ensures safety of passage between the movable obstacles.
7. Motor and control: the electronic unit that controls the PNG includes:  - a general connection block  - 24 V DC power supply  - a programmable logic controller  - a variable speed controller  Motorisation is achieved by an asynchronous motor via a variable speed controller that controls torque and speed of the motor. This system ensures rapid movements with progressive acceleration and deceleration at the end of the movement. An anti-panic opening device is provided to open the obstacles automatically in case of power failure. 
8. Orientation pictogram in both passage directions. 
Similar equipment compliant with the UL requirements can be offered. 

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