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Designed for intensive use in intra-building sites, the SmartLane900 security entrance lane provides dissuasive control of pedestrians taller than 1 m, with or without luggage, in both directions. 

With its mechanical design and embedded electronics, the equipment guarantees an average level of security (prevention of fraud) and a high level of safety (protection of users during operation). 

The gate can be installed in series, in which case it is necessary to define left-hand, right-hand and intermediate housings (with a mobile leaf on both sides of the housing). 



1. Self-supporting frame (made from galvanized steel) integrating the electromechanical drive assembly for each mobile leaf, the photoelectric cells for the detection of the presence of users, and the control boards.

2. Brushed AISI 304L stainless steel housing.

3. Brushed AISI 304L stainless steel side panels with key lock, allowing easy access to the electromechanical unit and the control boards. 4. Monolithic clear 12 mm thick tempered glass leaf, retracting completely into the body on opening. 

5. Black laminate top cover (stainless steel around the fixed glass if any: i.e. for mobile leaf height > 1000 mm). 

6. Electromechanical unit consisting of: - A three-phase asynchronous reduction motor. - Secondary transmission with crank-and-rod linkage ensuring perfect mechanical locking in both extreme positions. - A device for automatic opening of the mobile leaves in the event of a power failure. - A variable-speed controller ensuring progressive accelerations and gradual decelerations, for a movement without vibration and for protection of the mechanism and the users in the event of contact with the mobile leaves.  - An inductive sensor controlling the position of the mobile leaf.

7. Dual AS1300 control board ensuring the management of the gate, as well as for supporting various control options and/or accessories. A LCD allows navigation in the drop-down menus and the modification of  certain parameters. 

8. Transfer of information through potential-free contacts: passage authorization, passage information, defect, state of the gate (free, prohibited, alarm …).

9. Orientation pictogram, indicating the state of the gate to the user (in service or out of service)….

10. Photoelectric cells for detecting presence, ensuring the control of the movement of the users through the gate as well as their safety during the movements of the mobile leaves.

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