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The ClearLock series booths are designed to provide high security access control and management of pedestrian flow. Based on more than 20 years’ experience, their design and robust manufacture allow easy integration into prestigious site such as office buildings, airports, laboratories and sensitive sites.

 Consisting of a frame, a painted steel housing and glass panels, the high-security ClearLock series booths provide thermal insulation and stand out in their surroundings. The high-security ClearLock series booths are motorised and bi-directional.

 The high-security ClearLock 636 booth is equipped with two mobile obstacles which provide a free passage area of 700 mm, an external diameter of 1.150 mm. The high security ClearLock 636 is available with straight (180°) or left/right angled (90°) passage.


1. Painted steel upper casing containing the drive mechanism and the control board unit of the security booth.

2. Mobile obstacles in laminated glass 22 mm thick BR2 P6B.

3. Lateral panels made of painted steel and laminated clear glass 22 mm thick BR2 P6B.

4. Floor resin 25mm thick for installation on finished floor.

5. Control board unit & motorisation comprising:

    • Programmable electronic board

    • Remote console for operating mode adjustment

    • Voice messages device

    • Connection terminals including RS485 interface port

    • Input / Output interface board

    • 24V DC power supply

    • Back-up batteries (2) ensuring 100 cycles in case of power failure

    • Two 24V DC motors controlled by the programmable electronic board, ensuring fast movements with progressive deceleration at the end of the cycle.

    • Electro-mechanical lock of the obstacles (with programmable unlocking in case of power failure)

    • Safety cells for reopening in case a presence is detected in front of the obstacles (anti-pinch safety)

6. Spotlights for the passageway lighting.

7. Function pictograms: red and green LED displays indicating the status of the security booth.

8. Presence sensors and single person device

9. Push buttons for emergency opening and intercom. 10. Lock for external door locking.

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