iDLink Netfinger Fingkey II

Netfinger Fingkey Access II

Netfinger Fingkey Access II

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iDLinkNetFingerFingkey Access II is an improved version of iDLinkNetFingerFingkey Access. It has a much higher template capacity and faster identification speed. It is a cost effective fingerprint access control system capable of speedy authentication with LFD function (Live Finger Detection). The newly developed sensor which has LFD & Auto-on functions further strengthen the security level. It is equipped with touch panel and back light for night use and it is waterproof at the level of IP65 & dustproof which make it suitable for outdoor use.It offers door access and time attendance management with its LAN communication-based network infrastructure enabling integrated monitoring and systematic management of multiple Fingkey terminals operated independently on a remote location. With the server software, it enables control and Administration of up to 2,000 units from a central point.iDLinkNetFingerFingkey Access II is highly competitive and feature rich. Compact and stylish design with a user-friendly user interface, Fingkey II is your choice of selection.




  • Compact and Stylish
  • Cost Effective
  • Friendly Interface
  • Suitable for Outdoor Use
  • IP65 rated for outdoor use

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