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Lockset 718

This Samsung Push Pull SHS-P718 Smart Door lock is a revolutionary way of opening and closing doors securely and easily. Samsung bills this as the easiest way to open a door be it a single home or apartment.

·  Perfect security using the state-of-the-art personal fingerprint scanning method

The security that this handle provides is incredible. The fingerprint authentication makes it easy to avoid all of the new high tech methods of breaking into a building. You can’t steal a fingerprint like you can a password or key. What is amazing about the fingerprint scanner is the ability to store 100 fingerprints in the system, something that can’t be found in any other product like this on the market. Samsung’s addition of the Dual Authentication Mode is just as important and works well in a variety of settings.

·  Authorization Features Dual password and fingerprint scanning input

Outside of the high tech authorization features, these are built incredibly well. A dual protection system is used that also serves as an anti-hacking solution. The handle and the body have been consolidated to produce a solid piece of equipment that is equally as secure.

·  Welcome feature for Users

The keypad is automatically covered once the lock button has been pressed, but it has a unique welcome feature that automatically activates once it detects movement within 70cm of the sensor.

·  Locking Notification Feature

The door dock automatically notifies their status on the touch panel, displaying messages like ‘Locked’ and ‘Unlocked’, which adds value to the daily usage experiences.

·  Manner Mode for a quiet night outings

It also has a feature that is ideal for quiet environments and is known as Manner Mode. This mode will make it easy to not wake family members if you are using this kind of door handle at home.

Before entering the password press [*] button, the Manner Mode will be activated to eliminate any digital sounds for the door operation(password keying sounds, voice messages etc.) temporarily.

·  Securing door management with robust dual structure

The doorlock equipped with dual protection of robust structures and anti-hacking solution. The robust structure is formed by consolidating both handle and main body producing more solid performance, the anti-hacking solution added with password and encryption, which prevents any forced external intrusion to maximize user safety.

·  Intruder prevention feature with ONE Touch

With a simple One Touch of ‘Home Shape’ button, users could provide against any external intrusion while outings. During the feature activation, alarm chime breaks out if an intruder entered from windows, verandas etc. other than door(with installed doorlock) try to operate the doorlock inside the house.

·  In Home Privacy Mode feature

The ‘In home Privacy mode feature will stop any external access from outside by disabling door lock operations which means password and key-tags will no longer work, however the mechanical key backup will always work. This is great function if you want to impose curfew setting or extra security when all family members are back home.

·  Appropriate access controls for various styles

With 4 type of access, Password, Smart Cards, Fingerprint and Mechanical key backup. The Smart cards can be attached to mobile phones or wallets, you will no longer need to find your card simply present your smart phone or wallet.

·  Overall – High-Quality and Convenient Security

With globally approved Samsung’s quality and reliability validation, Push Pull owns 14 cases (inc. 3 international) of patent application. Also, with ‘Two Way Latch Mortise’, overall door operations(open/close) has improved with confidence.

Self-Inspection 300K times

·  Wireless Communication with Samsung Intercoms

The lock has the functionality to communicate with Samsung Video Intercoms in a wireless format. Great feature for more modern homes, it will reduce your installation cost, provide you with elegant clean installation for both the video intercom and door lock.



Easy Way to Open Door - Easy access using push- pull handle
- Biometric access system
Smart Functions
- Automatic wake-up on approaching - Locking notifi cation on touch panel

Secured Lock-up
- Robust structural-design
- Anti-hacking encryption protocol

Innovative Technology
- 14 patents pending
- Unprecedented design with modern style

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