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Lockset 1321

This lockset is the cheapest of any lock made by Samsung. It is also the smallest lockset and price at only $340.00*.

SHS-1321 the Latest and Greatest In Deadbolt Security

When it comes to deadbolts, high tech solutions are always slow coming, it seems. When was the last time that you saw something that truly changed the way that you think of deadbolts when it comes to your home’s security? Samsung has set out to change that with the latest offering, a winner of Reddot Design Award in 2011.

 * Subjected to GST

 ·  User-Friendly Design

One of the most important things that stands out is the user-friendly design. This deadbolt uses an access code, key tag, rfid card, or mechanical override keys. With these kinds of access options, it is easy to make your home as secure as you like. The dual authentication mode in particular allows you to use a code and key tag that makes sure that you use traditional security methods, but the combination of the two makes it incredibly hard for someone to steal the tools to gain access

·Variety of Security Options

There are also a variety of options that give you different kinds of security. There aren’t many deadbolts that have options for security when you are at home or not, the ability to create random security codes, automatic locking whenever the door is closed, and even an optional interface with a door phone. This makes it easy to set up a system that works best for you, whether you have children, pets, or just tend to forget to lock the door when you leave. It takes the guesswork out of your security and takes it off of your mind.
The physical construction is also work commending. Zink alloy and ABS plastic were used to contract it and these locks can put up with 90% humidity and withstand temperatures of -25 degrees Celsius. That, in combination with the compact size, makes it a durable and nonintrusive option for homes.


  • Touchscreen, PIN password of 5-12 digits
  • RFID card compatible (can record up to 20 distinct cards)
  • Not fingerprint compatible
  • Not remote control compatible
  • Manual/Auto Lock Function
  • Emergency external battery terminal present
  • Battery life of one year (assuming that its used 10 times a day)
  • Dimensions:
    - Main Set:  65.2 x 170.5 x 22.5 (mm: W x H x D)
    - Back Set:  182 x 90 x 86 (mm: W x H x D)
  • Uses 4 x 1.5V AA Batteries
  • Made of Zinc, Aluminium, and plastic

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