iDLink Netfinger T9

iDLink Netfinger T9

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iDLink Netfinger T9 is an innovative Face and Biometric Fingerprint Access Control Terminal that comes with accurate and rapid matching speed for Time Attendance and Door Access control. It has multifactor authentication such as Face, Fingerprint, RF card and PIN and it comes with superior matching engine (#1st rank in Fingerprint Verification Competition).

iDLink Netfinger T9 has a 5” Touch Color LCD with enhanced touch sensitivity, built-in Camera with dual card reader support for face detection and identification. It has a 0.8 inch wide active image area for fingerprint for enhanced authenticate rate (FBI PIV Certified Fingerprint Sensor Module). The unit comes with an auto tilt high quality camera and can auto detect face up to 3 meters.




  • High-Performance Face Recognition 
  • 5” Touch LCD Screen
  • Large Capacity Memory
  • External Micro SD card
  • Enhanced Card Option
  • External SD Card Support
  • Android OS Support

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