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UBio-X Iris is multi-biometric identification Time Attendance and Access control,  integrated with high speed processor. It provide IRIS recognition, Fingerprint recognition and card/pin recognition. The terminal use 1.0GHz Quad Core CPU and android 6.0 based intuitive GUI with 5” Touch LCD.


The device is able to recognise iris up to a 65cm distance. and has a high speed iris and fingerprint matching. It has patented fake fingerprint detection. Its auto-tilt function can auto adjust depending on height.  

• Android 6.0 based intuitive GUI with 5” Touch LCD.
  1.0GHz Quad Core CPU
  Auto-Tilt Function
  Patented Fake Fingerprint Detection
  Iris Recognition at a Distance up to 65cm
  High Speed Iris and Fingerprint Matching 

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IRIS access control is fast emerging as the security technology of choice, for a board spectrum of organizations who want to provide their personnel with secure, easy, hands-free access to sites, buildings, rooms, clean areas and other facilities. It enrolls and authenticates two eyes simultaneously and is able to meet your various needs for time and attendance , physical access security, or detection. Iris recognition technology, which is contactless brings higher security and convenience.

IRIS access control has proven its merit in high security applications around the world. It can be used to open gates with multiple methods such as iri, CPU card, ID card, Bluetooth and password. It supports common communication protocols of RD485 and TCP/IP. It features an adjustable iris camera in order to adapt users with different height. the combination of four-inch full colour display with all metal shell and armoured glass make the product not only have a better outlook but also more durable that can provide further security for customers. IRIS access control is suitable for various solutions and applications. 


  • Excellent Authentication
  • High Recognition Speed
  • Supports multiple open-gate methods: Iris, CPU card, ID card, password, etc.
  • Binocular recognition / Monocular recognition
  • Recognition distance: 30-40cm
  • Four-inch colorized screen to display iris images
  • High-speed iris recognition, less than two seconds to complete recognition process.
  • Adjustable iris camera to adapt users with different heights
  • Support abnormal alarm and tamper alarm
  • 2000 users or 5000 iris templates5000 CPU cards, 5000 ID cardsSupport 500,000 offline recording storage
  • RS485, TCP/IP, USB, Wiegand I/O, TTL input supported

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