Emergency PA System

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The FV-200 Series Emergency Public Address System is suitable for small to mid-scale venues, allowing up to 50 speaker lines, for general purpose and/or emergency broadcasts. The system provides automatic playback of messages through EV audio files, delivering broadcasts to all areas and over-riding external attenuators.

Pre-loaded with 4 voice alarm messages, FV-200EV enables emergency broadcasts to be made automatically to all zones through connection to a fire alarm system. It can also be activated manually using the fireman’s microphone which has the highest priority, or via it’s built-in buttons on the front panel.

For general broadcasts, audio output from the main operation panel FV-200PP can be configured to either a 1-channel output of mixed background music (BGM) and priority broadcast, or a 2-channel output of BGM and priority broadcastseparately. Announcements to specific areas can be achieved through the Remote Microphone Receiver Panel FV-200RF and Remote Microphone RM-200M using the zone selector keys on the RM-200M or RM-210. In addition, broadcast areas can also be selected when used with SS-2010, SS-1010 or SS-1010R Speaker Selector.


-  FV-200EV loaded with pre-recorded voice alarm messages (Alert, Evacuation, False Alarm, Clear) for emergency broadcasts
-  Link fire alarm system to FV-200EV to broadcast automatic announcement during emergency
-  Highestpriority broadcast is given to announcements made via FV-200EV’s fireman microphone. Next priority broadcast is given to timer, paging, and remote microphone on FV-200PP.
-  4 additional control output on FV-200EV to connect to external devices (e.g. attenuattor, led indicator etc)
-  4 additional Mic/Line and 2 Aux input on FV-200PP
-  Select interrupted or non-interrupted BGM with FV-200PP
-  Connect up to 4 remote microphones (RM-200M) with FV-200RF. Maximum 4 remote extension units (RM-210) per remote microphone.
-  FV-200RF can control up to 50 speaker lines and all-zone calls
-   FV-200CA enables automatic changeover to a working standby amplifier when the duty amplifier becomes faulty
-   MP-210 is built in with a speaker and LED display, allowing overall operation of an equipment rack.
-   Up to 10 amplifier output levels can be selected and monitored with MP-210
-   Connect FV-200PS to an emergency power supply (VX-2000DS) for uninterrupted DC power during AC power failure

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